Electric and Electronic

The Associate Diploma is more broad-based in content than the Diploma, covering essential skills and a working knowledge of electrical principles, processes and procedures. The Associate Diploma is a prerequisite for the Diploma but can also be a “standalone” qualification for trainees who do not wish to progress to the Diploma but want to enter the labor market with valuable set of skills, knowledge and competencies at a lower level. The Diploma is more specialized, providing opportunities for trainees to develop and demonstrate skills in specific areas. Trainees will develop a more in-depth understanding of a wider range of electrical procedures and processes as well as increased confidence in practical understanding and application. Trainees successful in the Diploma should be able to enter the labor market as electrical technicians.

Install, maintain and configure electronic equipment
Install and optimize operating system software
Assemble and wire electronic equipment and systems
Set up wireless communications and data storage devices

Career Advice

Our objectives

To open wide areas of public high school graduates in possession of technical and applied practical experiences, thus allowing them to compete in the labour market
To meet the related project requirements in Saudi Arabia
The Associate Diploma and Diploma in Electrical Technology aim to develop skills for the maintenance and management of control panel equipment, reparation of low voltage apparatus and circuits, as well as an insight into the preparation of general electrical installations

Principal areas of study

Installation, maintenance and verification of low voltage systems
Control panel equipment
Preventative maintenance
Low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits

Work placement

All students will complete a work placement assignment in a technical environment where they will utilize and broaden the skills they learned at college.

Our graduates and their employment

Graduates will be electrical technicians qualified to pursue careers in high-tech enterprises, power distribution companies, food industries, oil and gas industries, manufacturing, and after-sales service firms. After suitable on-the-job experience and training, it will be possible for them to advance to supervisory and management roles.

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