IT Support

The Associate Diploma is more broad-based in content than the Diploma, covering practical application of Technical Support concepts, including an underpinning understanding of principles relevant to Technical Support, documentation, networking and system management. The Associate Diploma is a prerequisite for the Diploma but can also be a “‘standalone” qualification for trainees who do not wish to progress to the Diploma but want to enter the labor market with valuable set of skills, knowledge and competencies at a lower level. The Diploma is more specialized, providing opportunities for trainees to develop and demonstrate skills in specific areas, with pathways in Network Support and System Support. Trainees successful in the Diploma should be able to enter the labor market in operational IT support roles.

Install, maintain and configure IT software and equipment
Install and optimize operating system software
Be able to write and understand programming and coding
Set up wireless communications and data storage devices

Career Advice

Our objectives

To prepare and qualify human cadres specialised in the field of computer science
To develop skills for computer network support and management
To apply the latest global and scientific laboratories to the related training and techniques For trainees to learn how to construct, configure, protect and manage computer systems found in most business environments

Principal areas of study

Maintenance procedures
System security
First-level remote help-desk and client support
Co-ordination and supervision of projects
Desktop configuration in a network environment
Operating systems
Responses to the demands of a constantly changing IT environment
Diagnosis of hardware and software related problems
Application of maintenance procedures

Work placement

All students will complete a work placement assignment in a technical environment, where they will utilize and broaden the skills they learned in college.

Our graduates and their employment

Graduates will be qualified to work in computer support teams as network support administrators.

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