The MONDRAGON MODEL is the signal of common identity that we want you to identify with all of our institutions , including MONDRAGON Muhayil College of Excellence, is that made up of the fundamental MONDRAGON SEAL, characterized by:

Mondragon Seal

Applying the MONDRAGON Signature implies four keys:

  • Employability: response to the needs of the students.

  • Liaison: response to professional needs of the social and work environment with a strong liaison with associations and business groups.

  • Internationalization: associative networking among all institutions of the group.

  • Quality: academic and administrative excellence. Participative organizational model. Rigour in management, analysis and monitoring costs.

Flexible international strategy

A flexible strategy means working hard finding international partners and also in the country of destination, to complement our experience and promote the strengthening of our capabilities.

We create competitive consortiums for outstanding projects.

The results?

More than 15,000 students and over 900 teachers working in our schools.