MONDRAGON EDUCACION INTERNACIONAL was founded in 2010 from the union of the University of Mondragon and Alecop S. Coop. It was created with a clear mission in the MONDRAGON CORPORATION: promoting and managing higher education, based on the accumulated knowledge of all the training and education institutions of the Corporation.

Currently Mondragon Educación Internacional manages the University of MONDRAGON-UCO in Mexico, four Centres of Excellence of Vocational Training in Saudi Arabia and participates in the Unipanamericana University of Colombia.

The MONDRAGON’s Knowledge Area combines the development of knowledge, skills, and values, and maintains close relations with business, especially Mondragon co-operatives.

Training-education is mainly linked to the dynamism of the University of Mondragon, the significant role that Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri, Arizmendi Ikastola and Lea Artibai Ikastetxea play in their respective areas and the activity of the Management and Co-operative Development Centre Otalora.

Technological innovation is generated through the Cooperatives’ own R&D departments, the Corporate Science and Technology Plan, the Corporation’s 14 technology centers and the GARAIA INNOVATION PARK.

At MONDRAGON we have a commitment towards social transformation, which is specified in our participatory model.

We are group of cooperatives, University and Vocational Training Centers, with a clear human vocation and a commitment to our environment, our society and our time.

Our teaching model involves a system of relationships which, with the educational system as the central theme, aims to involve the companies and institutions in the area, in order to guarantee social accessibility, the combination of work and study, the development of research and the provision of Continuing Education. MONDRAGON is formed by a strong network with more than 200 companies, which means that the students come into direct contact with the needs of the working world throughout their university and technical training centers.

Our University and training Centers have the highest rates for student employability in general and also in jobs that are directly related to their field of study, whereby the students find work in the short time spans:

95-98% Employability, This direct link with companies guarantees high percentages for the placement of our graduates. Speed in finding a job. Access to the first-time job within 3 months. Nine out of ten students find work within their fields of study. We promote business projects. In the last 5 years, twenty-four companies have been set up.