How to apply?

Students, who are seeking admission to any of the CoE units, The first step for that is to sign up in HERE.

Information required for the enrolment:
If you want to complete the enrolment in Mondragon Muhayil College you will need to bring these documents:
– Saudi national ID Card and two copies
– Original high school Certificate and two certified copies
– Four personal photos
– Good conduct certificate and two certified copies
– Health Certificate – download
– Application Form – download

The Directorate receives applications at the main gate of the Computer for joining one of the colleges of Excellence in accordance with the instructions and regulations that organize admissions and registration.

Admission Requirements to College of Excellence

  1. Applicants shall be a Saudi. A non-Saudi could be admitted in accordance with the regulations.

  2. He should be holding a Secondary School Certificate or certificates affiliated to universities, or colleges, Trade Schools Diplomas terms or triple term Training or equivalent of the above mentioned certificates. Applicants should bring with them the originals of their certificates.

  3. The date of his graduation should not be more than 5 years ago.

  4. He should be of good conduct.
  5. He should be physically fit to suit the course he applied for.
  6. He should be fulltime trainee.
  7. He should not be a previously dismissed student.
  8. He should fulfill all the conditions.
  9. Original certificate should be handed over on admission to any college of technology.