Small Business Management

The Associate Diploma is more broad-based in content than the Diploma, providing a working knowledge of business concepts with an underlying emphasis on practical business tasks, together with taster units for each of the three specialist pathways available in the Diploma. The Associate Diploma is a prerequisite for the Diploma but can also be a “‘standalone” qualification for trainees who do not wish to progress to the Diploma but want to enter the labor market with valuable set of skills, knowledge and competencies at a lower level. The Diploma is more specialized, providing opportunities for trainees to develop and demonstrate skills in specific areas and to then enter the labor market in a business administration role:

Administer financial accounts and ledgers
Perform financial calculations
Prepare, match and process receipts
Maintain a cash accounting system

Career Advice

Our objectives

To effectively raise the management level and skills of young Saudi entrepreneurs
To serve the country’s goals of economic development by relying on our youth’s potential
Our program develops skills to create and manage a small business, and/or run a small subsidiary of a large company.

Principal areas of study

Requirements for protection and use of intellectual property
Health, safety, emergency and environmental policies
Cash accounting systems
Co-ordination and supervision of projects
Creativity and workplace innovation
Independent business planning
Negotiation skills

Work placement

Students will complete a work placement assignment in a business environment, where they will utilize, and broaden the skills they learned in college.

Our graduates and their employment

Graduates will be able to manage a retail outlet, create and expand a small business, and oversee a small subsidiary of a large company. Graduates will also be able to create and develop all aspects of a small business, from basic financial statements, financial records and cash flow, to complex database management and successful marketing strategies.

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