Students policies and guidelines

Students Duties

The study is the basic duty of students and focuses on the following obligations:

  • Study and strive to achieve the maximum development according to their abilities.
  • Participate in training activities and, especially, in the school and complementary.
  • Follow the guidelines of the teaching staff with respect and contact properly, both to them and to the rest of the staff of the Centre.
  • Attend class properly neat, with regularity and punctuality.
  • Always carry with you the student card. And show it to any teacher who requests it.
  • Participate and collaborate in the improvement of school coexistence and achieve a proper climate of study at the Center, respecting the right of peers to the education and guidance of the faculty.
  • Collaborate with teachers and other persons with regard to the system of organization and functioning of the Centre, making good use of buildings, installations, furniture and teaching materials, taking responsibility and in accordance with standards of classroom. Students who individually or collectively cause damage intentionally or negligently to the facilities of the Center or its material are obliged to repair the damage or be responsible for the cost of repair. Similarly, students who evade its property of the Centre must restore the stolen.
  • Respect the freedom of conscience, the religious and moral convictions, and the dignity, integrity and intimacy of all the members of the educational community.
  • Respect the organization norms, coexistence and functioning of the educational center
  • Not to attack neither to insult nor to humiliate the partners avoiding the practice of violent games and of practical jokes.
  • Respect the belongings of the others.
  • Not to obstruct the march of the classes.
  • Behave with education and public-spiritedness in the out-of-school activities, maintaining the same conducts and attitudes demanded in the Center both in the visited facilities and in the student transportation.
  • Not to use in the Center mobile phones, mp3, any other material or electronic device that is not indicated by the teacher.
  • Always use the computer under the express indication of a teacher and what they indicate the latter, classroom standards established for such spaces.
  • Walking along the corridors and stairs with order, leaving free space to move through them.
  • Sit in class in the exchanges of sitting and leave them in the periods of recreation to go to the patios.
  • To show the concierges student card to exit the center.
  • Bring necessary textbooks and school materials to class and meet the standards of the center.
  • Do not leave the classroom during the school periods or remain in the cafeteria except during breaks.
  • Do not leave the Center during school day without the permission of training. If student is unwell ask for permission to exit the classroom with the teacher you are and will be directed to Head of Studies from where you will call your home or you will be escorted to the emergency room if necessary. When you know in advance that you must leave the Center in the school, his father, mother or guardian/to appear in training to pick it up..
  • Give the guardian the supporting documents of misconduct duly filled out, signed by their parents and teachers while justifying the absences in the official model. This will be delivered within three working days from joining the center.
  • Do not eat or drink within the classrooms, library or corridors.
  • Wait for Professor at the classroom door in silence when it is closed and inside the classroom when it is open. In case of missing a teacher they will expect the teacher on duty so give them instructions.
  • Comply, inexcusably, the corrective action that is applied in case of having a conduct contrary to the established rules of coexistence.
  • Do not smoke or ingest toxic substances inside the Center both affecting their physical and/or mental capacity and collaborate in the achievement of healthy and hygienic habits.

Students Rights

The student’s rights are collected in the different internal regulations of the relevant center
Therefore they are recognized to the students in following rights:

  • To receive a comprehensive training that contributes to the full development of his personality.
  • To be respected in their identity, integrity and personal dignity.
  • To their dedication, effort and performance are valued and recognized with objectivity.
  • To receive educational and vocational guidance.
  • To respect their freedom of conscience, religious convictions and their moral convictions, in accordance with Islamic law.
  • Protection against any physical aggression or moral.
  • To participate in the operation and in the life of the center, in accordance with the provisions of the rules in force.
  • Students have the right to participate in extra-curricular activities and follow-up to the center and always when they have not been suspended from the realization of the same as a corrective measure derived from a conduct contrary to these rules.
  • To choose through direct and secret suffrage their representatives in the Council of the college and to the group Delegates by the rules set out in the center.
  • To associate, creating associations, federations and students confederations, which may receive aid, all in the terms provided for in the legislation in force.
  • To receive the aid and support needed to compensate for the shortcomings and disadvantages of a personal nature, family, economic, social and cultural spheres, especially in the case of present special educational needs, which prevent or impede the access and retention in the educational system.
  • To social protection, in the field of education, in the cases of family misfortune or accident.
  • A that his academic activity takes place under the proper conditions of hygiene and safety.
  • To be seconded to the corresponding groups based on the heterogeneity according to the criteria of organization of the center.
  • To be informed by the Board of Delegates of the issues inherent in Center, as well as those that affects the educational system in general or to other centers.
  • To express themselves freely provided their views to respect all other members of the educational community.
  • Students have the right to express its disagreement regarding educational decisions that affect them. When the discrepancy magazine collective, it will be channeled through the representatives of the students in the way established in the current regulations.
  • To use the facilities of the Center with constraints reflected in the general classroom programming and the necessary precautions in relation to the safety of persons and the proper care of materials and facilities.

When student’s rights are not respected, or any member of the educational community would prevent the effective exercise of these rights, the competent body of the Centre shall adopt measures proceeding pursuant to applicable law, after hearing the interested parties. And raising inquiry to the School Board of the Centre as a last option.

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